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VISA Credit Cards

A Card You Can Trust

Credit cards can be a convenient way to pay for your purchases and build a credit history. But you should only carry cards you can trust.

That’s why we have two great credit cards that are honest and straight forward. No annual fees*, no hidden or unexpected fees, and no sudden rate hikes.

Both of our honest, straight-forward cards have:

No Annual Fees*
No Hidden Fees
No Sudden Rate Hikes

Fraud Protection
Transaction Alerts
Loan Protection

Platinum Rewards

If you typically make purchases and payoff your balance each month, our rewards card is for you. With the Red Canoe VISA Platinum Rewards credit card, you’ll earn rewards on your purchases which you’ll be able to redeem for cash, gift cards, merchandise, or travel. See what rewards you could get here.


With a little lower rate than our Rewards card, the Red Canoe VISA Platinum card is perfect if you tend to keep a balance on your card or feel you may need to have a balance in the future.


*Subject to credit and membership approval. Introductory rate of 6 months is offered on new VISA accounts. Rate will return to standard revolving rate after introductory period; standard revolving rates are based on your credit qualifications and range from 8.9% to 20.9% APR. Rates subject to change. For a full list of terms and conditions and any fees associated with this account, see Credit Card Agreement for details.

Balance Transfers

Most Americans don’t realize they can move their credit card debt. If you have high-rate store cards or even other Visa cards, contact us about moving the balances to our lower-rate card. In most cases, we’re able to save our members hundreds of dollars by getting them a better card with a better rate. Are you ready to save?

Transfer a Balance

Transaction Alerts

Prevent VISA fraud by enrolling in free transaction alerts on your VISA Platinum or Platinum Rewards credit card. With transaction alerts, information about your credit card purchases is at your fingertips. Catch fraudulent transactions or errors immediately to prevent theft and eliminate time-consuming disputes.

Choose up to five alerts for:

  • Any transaction over a preset dollar amount that you define
  • Declined transactions
  • Out-of-country transactions
  • Transaction where the card is not present
  • Gas station purchases

You’ll receive immediate emails or text messages letting you know when one of these transactions occurs. Be sure to log in to Online Banking to schedule your free alerts once you’ve opened your Red Canoe VISA card.

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Payment Protection

Having a VISA credit card can provide you with both shopping convenience and peace of mind to help with life’s unexpected challenges. But what happens to your overall finances when the unexpected hits? How can you make sure your family doesn’t shoulder the financial burden of making VISA payments when your income is diminished?

Payment Security Protection may cancel your VISA payments if you become involuntarily unemployed, sick, or injured. It may also repay your loan, up to the policy maximum, if you become deceased.

Benefits include:

  • Protects your credit score
  • Automatic eligibility for most borrowers
  • Simple enrollment
  • No medical screening
  • Cost included in your payment

You can count on Payment Security Protection to step in when you and your family need help the most. We can customize a plan to meet your family’s needs.

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