Writing a Business Plan

Timing is Everything

Whether you’re in the launch phase, the idea phase, or the growth phase, it’s always a good time to write a business plan when you’re looking to move from idea to action.

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Budgeting with 50/30/20

A Guide to Proportional Budgeting

Building a budget might seem like a daunting task if you don’t know how to get started. Here’s a step-by-step guide to breaking down your spending into needs, wants, and savings goals so you can build a better budget!

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Owning vs. Renting a Home

Are You Getting the Right Advice?

Do you know the benefits and challenges of renting or owning a home? Here’s some great info to check out before you start the house hunt.

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Scholarship Application Time Savers

And Finding Free Money to Help with Tuition

Saving on tuition before heading to college can help you come out ahead when you graduate, rather than drowning in debt. Scholarships are basically free money that you can put towards your education. And the more you apply for, the better. Here are some helpful tips to help you save time on scholarship apps.

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How to Pay Down Your Debts

What Do I Do?

Most people have some sort of debt in their life. Whether it’s a home loan or a credit card balance, repaying your debts can sometimes seem like climbing a snowy mountain. Here are some things to do – and some things to avoid – when paying down your debts, and different Debt Repayment Strategies that you can use to help you shrink your debt more quickly.

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Paying Yourself First

How to Make Saving Simple

If you’re like most people, then feeding your savings account isn’t at the top of your to-do list. Oh, it’s on the list, but it falls below more important things like cutting your rent check or paying your recent medical bill. Believe it or not, paying yourself first is a great way improve your financial well-being while helping you reach your long-term goals more easily.

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Overcoming “Credit Card Shyness”

And How to Use Your Credit Card

What kind of relationship do you have with your credit card? Are you maxed to the limit? Do you avoid using your card at all costs for fear of falling into debt? Many people fall into one of these categories. Understanding what credit is and how to use it can go a long way when it finally comes time to take out your first card or start building your credit.

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Free Ways to Support Local

5 Tips for Feeding Your Local Economy

Do you love where you live? Where you work? If so, a great way to show it is by contributing to your local economy. There are tons of ways to help your community thrive that don’t involve signing a donation check or starting a small business. It can be as simple as writing an online review or banking with a Credit Union!

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Tips for Tracking Down Your Dream Career

And How to Answer the "College or Work" Question

What should you do after high school? Work or college? How do know which path will take you where you want to go? Sometimes, exploring the different career options that interest you can help you answer this question. But how exactly do you decide what kind of career you’re interested in?

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How Your Paycheck Adds Up

And Understanding Withholdings

Do you ever wonder how your hourly wage or your yearly salary translates to the dollar amount on your paycheck? Check out this installment of It’s a Money Thing to learn how different taxes and withholdings affect your take-home pay and what that means for your pocketbook.

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