A Plan for Your Future

Personal Savings Accounts

Start Saving Today

Your financial health is important to us at Red Canoe. That’s why we automatically open a free Savings Account when you become a member with us. We want all our members to have a little extra cushion in their finances to protect against unforeseen expenses and avoid getting into debt in the case of an emergency.

Even if you’ve never had a plan for building your savings before, let us help you get started. Our team is ready to help you make a stress-free plan that fits your budget and your goals. We can even set up payroll deductions or automatic transfers for you.

You can also start saving on your own by setting up automatic transfers within Online Banking today.

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Name Your Savings

Have more than one saving goal in mind? You can have as many savings accounts as you need at Red Canoe. Open one to save for your property taxes, your upcoming wedding, that dream vacation to Disneyland with the family – you can save for as many goals as you wish! When you open additional savings accounts, you can even name the account anything you want (i.e., ‘Disney Fund’ or ‘Emergency Fund’) to help you keep track of your unique savings goals.

You can get started today by opening a secondary savings account online. You can also open a secondary savings account at any branch or by calling us at 800-562-5611. We’d be happy to help you set up automatic transfers or payroll deductions to make savings even easier!

Christmas Club Account

The Holiday Season is a wonderful time of year for giving and spending a little more to enjoy life. By opening a free Christmas Club Account, you can help alleviate holiday debt and plan year-round for a financially stress-free occasion. Save however much you wish to meet your needs, automatically.  In early November, this special account will automatically deposit your saved funds directly into your regular savings account, leaving plenty of time for your Holiday planning and purchases.