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Credit Union Member Discounts

At Red Canoe, we know you work hard to earn your money, and we think you should keep as much of it as possible. That’s why we partner with Love My Credit Union Rewards, joining over 3,300 credit unions and their 72 million members nationwide that are offering their members additional value through discounts. We have three new ways that members can save. Check it out at or download the Android or iPhone app.

Sprint Discount

Join the millions of credit union members nationwide that are already saving money on their wireless data bills! Sprint offers cash rewards to all credit union members.

  • Current Sprint customers receive a $100 loyalty cash reward every year starting one year after their registration
  • Credit Union members receive a $100 loyalty cash reward every year after their new line activation

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Sprint Credit Union Member Cash Rewards

Love to Shop

Get a little money back on the things you buy online! Red Canoe members have access to special offers at more than 1,200 online stores through the Love to Shop program. Some retailers also offer additional discounts, or special offers (like free shipping) for our members. You’ll also earn cash back on those purchases. Once you earn $10 or more in cash back on your purchases, you’ll receive a check.

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