Membership Eligibility Agreement

This agreement covers the rights and responsibilities concerning your accounts and the rights and responsibilities of Red Canoe Credit Union (hereafter referred to as “credit union”). In this agreement, the words “you” and “yours” mean anyone who signs an account card, account change card, or any other account opening document. The words “we,” “us,” and “our” mean the credit union. The word “account” means any one or more share or other accounts you have with the credit union.

Your account type(s) and ownership features are designated on your account card. You understand that certain account designations, such as a joint ownership with right of survivorship or POD beneficiary, may be invalidated upon the dissolution or invalidation of your marriage. By signing an account card, each of you, jointly and severally, agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement and account card, the Funds Availability Policy Disclosure, Truth-in-Savings Disclosure, Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement and Disclosure, Privacy Notice Disclosure, any Account Deposit Receipt accompanying this agreement, the credit union’s bylaws and policies, and any amendments to these documents from time to time which collectively govern your membership and accounts.

To join the credit union you must meet the membership requirements, including purchase and maintenance of the minimum required share(s) (also called a “membership share”) as set forth in the credit union’s bylaws. You authorize us to check your account, credit, and employment history and obtain reports from third parties, including credit reporting agencies, to verify your eligibility for the accounts, products, and services you request now and in the future.