Financial Literacy Month

Start Saving & You Could Win!

We at Red Canoe care about the financial future of our members. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping you save for the things that matter – including an Emergency Fund. So this month, one lucky member will win $500 to jump-start their Emergency Fund Savings.

Entering is easy! Just set up a recurring monthly transfer into your savings account at any time during the month of April and you could win a savings boost of $500.00! Already have an automatic savings transfer? Then you’re already entered to win!

You can set up your transfer whenever you like right from Online Banking. Need help? Check out this video tutorial for a step-by-step breakdown. If you’d like to open a secondary savings account, you can even name your savings to reflect your goals. Why wait? Open your Emergency Fund Savings today and start investing in your own peace of mind!

It's a Money Thing!


You don’t have to be a CPA or a math wiz to figure out finances. It’s a Money Thing makes financial literacy fun AND easy. In honor of Financial Literacy Month, we’ll be highlighting our favorite videos each Monday on our Facebook Page. You can learn all about budgeting, building your emergency fund, and even the secret behind compound interest!

(And no, they’re not just for kids. We here at Red Canoe love them too – no matter what our age is!)