Control at Your Fingertips

Card Compass

Card Management App

Card Compass is the companion to Red Canoe’s Mobile Banking app that allows you to manage all of your cards when and how you want.

Card On/Off

Protecting yourself from fraud is as easy as pressing a button. Switch your card on or off instantaneously in the Card Compass app.

Create Alerts

With Card Compass, you can customize your card alerts to fit your life. You can set up alerts for certain transaction types like online shopping or entertainment purchases. You can even create alerts for purchases over a certain dollar amount!

Manage Spending

Track your spending by viewing the “Recent Transactions” screen in the Card Compass app, or set a spending limit for certain cards. You can even see how much credit is available on your VISA or what your balance is in the savings and checking accounts linked to your debit card.

Download the Card Compass app directly from the Red Canoe Mobile Banking app. Get started by logging into Mobile Banking and click on the Card Compass icon at the bottom of the screen.